CA290 Flourish: Use your data for your wellbeing

Course Overview

To complete this course and earn the digital badge the learner will have to have taken the course content available online on Loop, DCU's Virtual Learning Environment, and successfully completed 5 of the 8 assignments of their choice. Each assignment involves gathering their own personal data either through a wearable device or through a web form. This data is then analysed and interpreted by the learner in the context of an intervention or behaviour change introduced during the period of data gathering, and the learner then reflects on the lessons learned from the intervention, as reflected in their own personal data.

Learning Objectives

The purpose of the module is to provide the learner with lifelong skills for living, learning, and enhancing your own wellbeing. You will develop knowledge and skills for living well across various domains of wellbeing such as physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills. You will also gain familiarity with practical approaches for improving your own wellbeing, through practical application of theories driving behaviour change. The module offers the opportunity for the learner to use their own personal data for reflection, to support their journey of self-enquiry and to navigate to where you would like to be in life.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module the learner will be able to:

  • discuss and appraise the theories of wellbeing and behaviour change within the context of their own experiences
  • understand the role of health behaviours in relation to wellbeing
  • critically examine the value of their digital data footprint and how it shapes and reflects their world
  • demonstrate a critical understanding of the ways to measure aspects of wellbeing and the success of various wellbeing interventions
  • formulate personal goals, raise self-awareness and identify the skills or resources required to achieve them
  • reflect upon their behaviours and feelings throughout the process of self-enquiry